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Me and Me

Hi Bloggers~!

Lately something touch my feelings.. and I don't have the answer. I tried to figure it out but end up failed. What can I said.. this never happen before. But I will never ever give up..There something I scared to lost too. But What? Why? When? How? all of this question boom inside my mind. and I know I need to get back to basic..

Yes Allah.. lately im so lazy to done my prayers.. and im forgot my responsibility... I need to get back to basic and do my responsibility as a Muslim. Yeah. Last few days ive been somewhere I belong before. the things that I love to do and know what.. even people saw im enjoyed t but not inside myheart. I know what I did was wrong. and that's gonna be the last time ive been there. Im not teenager anymore. I should know what I did. I don't want to lost the time that ALLAH lend to me.

Ya I know some of my friends will said im not sporting like before.. but why must I do that things but deeply my heart still empty.. its such a waste. That's not the answer I want..

So now bloggers.. pray for me..and hope I can find the reason why my heart touch so much..


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